Vanilla/chocolate Ice Cream:

Hello my friends!!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the sun.

SO guys what’s summer/pool parties without Ice cream?! What if YOU can make your own Ice cream at home with easy ingredients and some mixing?

I am soo excited because today I am sharing with you an ICE cream recipe. If I can, you can too.

It’s Super easy (I say it all the time but it is easy) and really delicious. I made 2 flavors, vanilla and cacao. Of course you can put coffee instead of cocoa or add some food coloring to add a pop of colors…

Make sure you have:                                                                                                                                              -2 plastic bowls (with cover) to put the two flavors in at the end.

You will need:

6 eggs

160 g of whipped cream (powder version, you can use 2 boxes of 80 g like I did)

1 ts of vanilla extract

1 big spoon of cacao powder

240 ml of COLD milk

120 gr sugar




First, cream (a): blend in a deep narrow bowl your cold milk and the whipped cream powder. Beat at high-speed with mixer for about 4 minutes until topping is light and fluffy. When done, store it covered in the refrigerator.



Next, cream (b):  in another deep bowl, blend the eggs, the sugar and the vanilla extract for about 2 to 3 minutes.



Now that you have the two creams ready, add cream (a) to cream (b) in a circular motions (like when you mix the cream of white eggs). This is our vanilla ice cream.


This step depends on the flavors you choose for your Ice cream. Since I choose two flavors, I took half of the vanilla Ice cream that I just made and add one big spoon of cacao powder and mix it to get a chocolaty cream.


Lastly, put your chocolate cream in the plastic bowl and cover it, the vanilla cream in another bowl and keep them in the freezer for a night.


For decoration:

I used:

*Chunks of peanut (small pieces)

*Chocolate chip


*Vanilla Liquid

*Rolled cookie


I also made “chocolate spoon” with some dark chocolate using a silicone mold.



TADAA       🙂








ENJOY     🙂

If you have any suggestion or question, leave it in the comment section I will be happy to answer you.                         ❤







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