Diy: Create your Own Notebook

Hello friends!

Hope you are doing well.

Today’s post is going to be a DIY. The Easiest way to make a simple Notebook, and all you need is paper, glue and some imagination. I made these notebooks this morning, and it took me 25 to 30 min. The best part of this DIY is the decoration and how little touches can make all the difference and turn a simple notebook to a unique one.


So if you are ready,  let’s go ahead and get started!!

You will need:

-Normal papers (the white one). I used 3 of them; you can use more if you wont more pages.

-Hard cardboard (hard paper).

Google’s picture

– glue.

– scissors.

For decoration:

Any kind of washi tape( mine is a glittery one).

Some stars or any stickers.

The method:

1- Take all the papers and fold them in half.

Since I have 3 papers it means I will get 12 pages.


2- Put the Glue in the middle of the first paper and stick the second one on it. Put the glue,again, in the middle of the second paper and sick the third on it. Since I used only 3 papers, I am done. But if you used more papers, you will have to continue the same process until you finish all the papers you have.


3- Now take the hard paper and measure it with your papers (just like in the picture), and simply cut it.


4- Now if the hard paper is already folded, all you will have to do is put the glue in the middle just like you did before and stick all your papers in it (as shown in this picture).

-If they are not folded you will have to fold it in half (make sure the hard paper have the same size as your white papers). At this point you will be able to put the glue in the middle and stick your papers in it.


Now you can leave it like this or ,of course, decorate it.


I decorated mine with:

– washi tape on the sides.

– I cut small rectangles to stick them in the middle( I will write my name on it).

– And I finished with some stars on the side



Tadaaa             🙂

I really hope you enjoy this post, and hope this was helpful for you.

Let’s be friends through the comment section, that way we can chat and share some ideas and thoughts.

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24 thoughts on “Diy: Create your Own Notebook

      1. It’s funny the things that massively preoccupy us from childhood and keep a hold of us for so many years 😁🌺


      2. Yes absolutely true. The challenges of life plus social media distract us from the real meaning of life. We forget about what we really like and our memories and all we focus on is people and what they of us. Nice comment sweetie. I am enjoying your comments❤❤❤❤


      3. Really true. I just did a post about being successful without social media, so I totally agree there . It’s a strange world we’re in at he moment 😕
        But blogging is hugely cathartic.
        Thanks for your nice words. Look forward to more posts 😊


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