DIY :Flower Bouquet/ Summer Decoration

Hello family!

I hope you are all doing well and having a safe day!

Wow! we are already in July. Just know that :

~~ Every new month is like a fresh piece of paper and only YOU decide what will be written on it.~~

So wishing you a happy new month!!

Today’s post is a fun DIY. I saw it on Stephaniablog ‘s YouTube channel, and I decided to give it a go. I tried to make it as simple as possible and included a lot of pictures just to show you every single step. It is easy. I did it with my sisters so it was much more fun.

When my friend came over, I offered her a flower. She was very happy when she found out the chocolate inside!!   😉  It also added a summery touch to my room.

If you are ready, let’s start!

You will need:

  • Crepe Paper ( I used the green, brown and yellow; but you can use whatever color you want).
  • Chocolate balls (like Maltesers) or lollipops.
  • scissors.
  • Sellotape.
  • Wooden stick skewers.


1- Cut your brown Crepe paper into rectangular shapes. Since I am making 5 flowers, I will cut 5 ones.


2- Put your chocolate/ lollipop in the middle, and wrap it with the pieces you just cut.


… You will get 5 mini balls.



3- Fold your yellow crepe paper, for about 3 times, then cut it.


4- Now you are left with a long piece. The next step is to cut this piece into 5 equal pieces.


5- For each piece:

  • Open it, completely.
  • Re-fold it, but this time you have to fold it many times; you have to get more folds.      ~~I folded mine 4 time in step 3 but 6 times in this step.~~
  • Cut the top in triangles.


6- Open your yellow paper, then fold it in half.

7- Put the brown ball (chocolate) in the middle.


8- And with a sellotape, stick them together.


9- Cut your green paper into 5 equal long pieces.


10- Wrap your wooden stick skewer with it.


11- Lastly, and with a sellotape, assemble all the parts ( the top of the flower and the wooden stick skewer) by sticking them together.


12- For the final touch: with your fingers, twist the flower leaves to give them a realistic look.




Here you have it. I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you did please hit that like botton.

Now it is your turn: What is the best DIY you’ve ever made?

In case you didn’t get one of the steps:  check out her YouTube channel by clicking here.

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37 thoughts on “DIY :Flower Bouquet/ Summer Decoration

      1. Thank you. Sure I will do my best. And can’t wait to read more on your blog. Btw I can’t find you among my followers. Can you please check out why 🙈😙


  1. These are really cool! You should consider adding a Pinterest button. I would totally save this to my “projects section!”

    Keep up the hard work!


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