What’s in My Beach Bag? 


Hello my friends!

I hope you are all doing well.

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog🙈. The main reason is that I am on holiday with my family and there is NO internet. I didn’t expect that, as I was told that the hotel we are staying in has WIFI. But guess what… it did NOT.😧.

I am now at my grandmother’s house, and I am using her neighbours’ WIFI ( hahahaha🤣 the sacrifices we make for the blog). Anyways… As you can read from the title, today’s post is a What’s in my Beach Bag. I went to the beach with my family and took with me those items as I think are THE essentials for a great beach day 🏖. PS: I didn’t include the bikini because I wear it underneath my dress, but don’t forget it though 😉.

1- Firstly the bag 👜(of course).


I used this one for both the pool and the beach. It’s an inflatable bag. Absolutely love the colour and it can fit a lot of stuff.

2- Hat 👒.


Never go to the beach without it. It’s very important to cover your head from the heat of the sun, in order to avoid any fever… The one I am using is very large and cover all the face which is very practical.

3- Speaking of protection, a sunscreen is a MUST.


I also tend to take with me a tanning oil as I don’t tan quickly.


Both of the products I use are from Garnier.

4- Snack. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to get super hungry when I am at the beach. I usually take with me biscuits, sandwiches… This year I decided to take fruits with me.

Tip (not really🤣): In a little container, cut your favourite fruits into little pieces. I love peaches🍑, plums and grapes🍇. You can also add some nuts (almonds, pistachios…).


It’s a beach day so, a Pringles can’t be a bad idea 😆.


Finally, DON’T forget WATER💦.

5- Sunglasses 🕶: to cover those eyes from the sun, and of course to look extra cute and stylish.


6- Towel.


7- Rackets tennis🎾. It’s always fun to play tennis in the beach with family and friends.


8- Sandals. The sand can be very hot so having sandals will help you walk comfortably.


That’s it for this post. 🏖

I really hope you guys enjoy it.

Now it’s your turn: What are your beach essentials? Did you go to the beach yet?

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52 thoughts on “What’s in My Beach Bag? 

    1. You’re so sweet. What a nice comment. I know right ? Hahah I was just on one of the supermarkets and found them. They are now everywhere. Thank you cutie for the super nice comment. You rock 👊😄


  1. I love days at the beach, but weather in the UK is usually always so bad so even though I am very happy you had a lovely time, I’m equally just as jealous -haha! Also your sunglasses are super cute. Thank you for doing an amazing post 🙂 xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you sweetie. Yes s book is a good idea. I just don’t like to use my phone and headphones because of the sand. It’s annoying to see it stuck on the little corners haha 😆😄


      1. Where is GIFI? (Noticing your use of “holiday” rather than “vacation” and feeling we may be an ocean apart from me being able to get one.)


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