8 Ideas for a Meaningful Summer

Hello friends!

I hope you are all doing well.

My summer holidays started almost 2 months ago, and I am loving it. Most of the time, summer holidays are related to traveling, road trips, pool parties and long nights out. I don’t know about you, but summer holidays are in my opinion the best way to have a me-time and also enjoy time with my family. After a hectic semester, full of stress and sleepless nights, summer holidays are what I need! As much as I found traveling fun and exciting, it can also be tiring and require a lot of effort and energy. #lazypotato. Of course traveling is a must in my summer holiday plan, but it is not the most important one. Summer is not just about going to those “dreamy” places with the prettiest views that we see on social media. Rather, summer holidays are the THE opportunity to savour the free time that you almost don’t have when you are working.

I know that a lot of people just finished school or work. That is why, in this post, I decided to share with you my 8 favourite things to do in order to enjoy summer to its fullest.

☀️Create a Routine: 

Recently, I’ve been reading articles and watching Youtube videos about self-love and positivity (which I think more and more people are doing), and I noticed that almost all of them discussed the same idea which is to create a routine. When it comes to my College schedule, it is hard for me to have a fixed routine, as a lot of assignments are announced at last-minute. So flexibility is necessary in order to survive University. However, there are some things that we can implement in our daily plan that can get our day started with a positive and uplifting mindset and can have a huge impact on our mood throughout the day. I’ve been working on creating a routine that matches my lifestyle. Everyday, I would switch up things in order to find the “perfect routine”. I would highly recommend that you use your free time to experiment and try to find a routine that works for you. Getting used to a routine will also prepare you to start the semester/work easily.

☀️ Reflect on your past semester/period of work:

This is quite a tradition for me. At the end of each semester, I sit down and just think about everything I’ve done wrong AND right. It’s not about grades, but more about me and what I achieved on a personal level. This can include: if I was organized during the semester, if I procrastinated a lot, if I was able to go out and socialize more instead of staying in my room watching makeup tutorials knowing that I am too lazy to even put a lip balm on in the morning 😂, and the list goes on. Take moments of your day to simply think. Don’t blame yourself, however. Rather, set new goals that you want to achieve by the end of the next period. Also reward yourself for everything you’ve done good and feel proud, because you certainly experienced new things that are slowly but surely shaping your personality.

☀️ Create a new playlist:

Cuz summer is way better with some fun music. I think I watched over 20 drive with me summer playlist videos these last couple of days, looking for new music ideas. Side note: am I the only one who thinks that everyone these days is listening to rap? 

☀️ Make a wishlist:

My style is a section in my Pinterest page where I pin all the new clothing items that I want to buy or for just finding outfits inspiration. Being a College student, I am always in the hunt for outfit ideas that are comfortable yet cute and stylish. You don’t have to be adventurous with this. I personally like to search for basic pieces that I can use on a daily basis. For example, I am currently looking for the perfect high waisted jeans, mom jeans, and some simple tops (turtlenecks). This also applies for skin care products, home decor…anything you would like to buy. I personally do this to also prepare my wardrobe for the following semester.

Tip: If you are starting work soon, take the time to make a list of things you might need: blazers, cigarettes pants, plastic container for snacks or maybe some high heels…

☀️ Try out new makeup/style:

It’s summer, you’re not leaving your house that often: The perfect time to try out new things. Grab that eyeliner and learn how to make that perfect winged eyeliner, if you want. Try bright eye shadows. Dye or cut your hair (of course don’t do it yourself). Go through your wardrobe and dress up differently. Let yourself be creative with your look and style. Trust me, you will discover new sides of your personality. This summer, I decided to learn how to contour. Yep! because when you are very pale, contour/bronzer might make a difference. I am actually enjoying it so far.

☀️ Nap:

I can’t tell you how many times I wished I could nap for 30 min but I couldn’t. Taking one hour from my day after lunch to rest is the best. It boosts my energy and therefore motivates me to accomplish more during the day.

☀️ Read…anything:

I will say it: I don’t always like to read. I prefer watching movies and series instead. However, at some point, I always find myself feeling the need to disconnect from social media and just grab a book and read. I am not talking about reading one book every week (though it sounds good, but I can’t). Don’t make it a task, and don’t stress about it. Read just as much as you feel like. I sometimes read one page, get distracted and then start dreaming. But that’s ok, because that’s how I enjoy reading. You can grab your favourite magazine and read about your favourite topics (cooking, fashion…). Also, if you are more of an articles reader, there are some interesting apps that you can have on your phone. My favourite apps at the moment are Curiosity and Medium. Although they have the same concept, they are very easy to use. They provide you with articles discussing various topics.

☀️ Family time:

Think about games you can play with your siblings or cousins. Maybe watch movies, do skin/hair care together (girls day), make some pancakes and eat them with a lot of nutella, or go for a fresh salad too, if you want. Also, you can talk about your goals and future plans. If your friends (like me) live far away, then simply text each other. I know that if I am looking for series to watch, all I need to do is text my friend 😂.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section

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Now it’s your turn: What is your favourite thing to do during summer holidays?

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11 thoughts on “8 Ideas for a Meaningful Summer

    1. Thank you so much lovely for commenting. And I am so glad you liked it. Yes you are right. I feel so lost without a structured routine. My mental health is very dependent on it. Have a nice and safe day dear🎈


  1. Ohhhhh I loved this post! And yes I agree everyone seems to be listening to rap music at the moment, personally I’m not a fan of it 🙂 aha. xx


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