Time for a New Routine

Dear Diary,

Although it took me a long to time to finally realize that I need to actually take action if I want to see a difference and change my old habits, I am glad that I am also ready for it. Ready to make effort, and to stick to my goal no matter what happens. I am ready for commitment and a strict discipline. Can I just point out that my “sudden realization” hit me while I was cutting onions to prepare tomato sauce for the pasta I had for lunch ☺️

Today was a productive day. I cooked, did my laundry, cleaned my room and even managed to study one of the chapters I had planned for today. How did I do it? I am asking myself the same question. Simple: I just didn’t waste time. I was committed and motivated. I am writing this post and feeling accomplished. My day was productive, which is rare especially since it is a sunday, and we all know how lazy we feel on Sundays. The reason why I am sharing this part of my diary with you is to encourage you to start next week on a positive note; a fresh beginning. It is never too late, as long as you commit to a routine you create for yourself. If you are feeling down, lost and unmotivated, don’t worry.  The most important thing is to not wait for life to change by itself. YOU are capable of anything! Keep in mind that: The only thing stopping you… is you. This is a challenge I am setting for myself. I would highly encourage you to join me on this journey, so that we can support each other!

Let me know what you think about this post. Would you enjoy reading similar posts?

I wish you a safe and productive week. 🌻

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7 thoughts on “Time for a New Routine

    1. Omg, you’re so right! The feeling of accomplishment is amazing🤗. At some point, I just didn’t make to-do lists anymore because I just end up doing one thing and then I feel sad about it. I just try to do as much as I can. Thank you my dear for your comment. Have a nice and safe day 🌻

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