My Go-To Grocery List

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I hope you are all doing well.

Starting a new semester doesn’t simply mean the beginning of new courses, but also getting ready to get back on track with the daily routines. Speaking of a new semester, I hope you all had a great start of semester whether you are in highschool or college. And to my college students out there, I hope you had great professors for this semester and got a flexible schedule (and not as much courses as I do).

If you read my previous blog posts you would know that I upped my meal prepping game in 2018. It is now a big part of my daily routine and it has been a life saver, honestly. Not only was I able to stay healthy, but I also spent less money on buying stuff that I just end up throwing away. Meal prepping pushes you to look for quick and simple recipes that you can easily make. Of course by cooking more often, you get to experiment with different vegetables and know what works better for you. With that being said, grocery shopping becomes an important step.

I personally used to find the grocery shopping “experience” stressful and confusing. I would think that I was in Top chef and that I would cook the most amazing meals. That sudden motivation, would last about one day; can you relate to this? . As I slowly started my Meal prep journey, I quickly realized that a grocery list would be necessary. Many trips to LIDL later, I finally was able to know exactly what I needed to look for when grocery shopping.

I developed this go-to grocery list that I’ve been using for months now. It contains all the things that I use on a daily basis whether to cook a big meal or to simply snack. I know that some of the items on the list might change, but for the most part it’s what I always find myself using.

I hope that today’s post will encourage you to make a list of your own and give you some inspiration for new items to get at the store!

grocery try




grocery (2)



grocery 3

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Now it’s your turn: What is your favourite part about grocery shopping?

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10 thoughts on “My Go-To Grocery List

    1. Hahaha your comment made me laugh so much!🤣 I am surprised myself! Normally potatoes are just necessary for me, but It takes more time to cook which is not practical. I found myself using other vegetables on a daily basis that take less time to cook and are also very nutritious! Thank you so much my dear for commenting. I truly appreciate it. Have a nice and safe day 🤗


      1. 😂😂😂 I struggle to come up with a recipe that doesn’t need potatoes in it hehehe, acctually if you have 15 or 20 mn to cook you can add potatoes. I have just woke up lol need my coffee than I’ll tell you two good quick (potatoe) recipes 🍀 have a nice day💖

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      2. Hi there😇 sorry for the late response as I got busy day, but I haven’t forgot my promise to you! Here’s a recipe where you can add potato and it won’t take you long time to cook: you’ll need for one person one medium size potato, 01 cucumber , 2 tomatoes, 1 green pepper, (you can add Tuna, if you prefer) now you can boil the potato and that may take time but when I’m on a rush, i’ll peel it of slice it to small pieaces but not too small and cook them with steam if you have the tools for that, later add cucumber tomatoes pepper olive oil and just little bit of vinegar, mayonnaise will boost the taste ☺ enjoy your salad! Hope you like it and will try it someday (sorry for my English cooking vocab)


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