3 Useful Spreads for Your Journal

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I am not a big fan of bullet journals only because I feel like it’s an ongoing process – think about the theme of your spread, maybe doodle something, and most importantly be consistent with it. I am usually not always in the mood to schedule and organize every detail of the week. That’s why I have a journal where I write anything and everything at any time. However, I still like to have some sections that I know I will use throughout the year.

I really like “vintage looking” spreads. So I was in the hunt for an easy way to achieve it. I came across Reese Regan’s video, where she used pieces of paper cut from a paper lunch bag to write the name of each section; I thought it was genius! It literally took me no time to do it. The only tricky part is maybe the writing  style, which you can skip if you are not really interested in calligraphy or you are already gifted and can do it easily!

I wanted to get this calligraphy effect, though I am not good at it.

A Tip for you if you want to do the same thing is to use an app that has different fonts and type in the words you want using the font you like, and basically copy it on your piece of paper. Start with a pencil, and when you are satisfied with the result, fill it in with a marker. I used the app Phonto and I downloaded the font Midnight in October, which I used for all my writings.

Another Tip to get this vintage effect, is to cut the paper with your fingers instead of using scissors. It gives it this messy/ imperfect look that definitely makes all the difference. 


My 3 useful spreads:

  • Good Habits:

In this section, I wrote down my routine, and any habit I want to include in my everyday activities. Having my routine well organized on my journal keeps me on track. I tend to use it as a check list to make sure I follow my routine perfectly.


  • Library:

I made sure I had a section dedicated for books. The idea is to basically write down the title of the books I read on each book on the shelf. It is so satisfying to see this little library growing. It definitely motivates me to read more. I got inspired from Pinterest, obviously 😉


  • Positive thoughts:

I wrote my favorite quotes and inspirational words. Every now and then, I would go back to this section and read it. It not only changes my mood, but also reminds of the importance of positive thinking, and its instant impact on one’s behavior.


That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this post  ❤ .

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Now it’s your turn: What is your most used section on your journal?

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