Simple DIY/Organisation tips for BTS:

What’s up everyone !!

Hope you are doing well.

Today I am back with some Diy ideas to celebrate Back to school together. All of these DIY are super simple, affordable and cute. Again, if I can do it you can too. So let’s go ahead and get started!   🙂  

1- The Sticky Notes Folder:

I always buy sticky notes but never find them. So I end up buying new ones every time. That’s why I decided to search on YouTube for some easy ideas. When I came across this one I was so excited to try it and share it with you. It took me no time to make it and now I am so into it. Very useful for assembling all your sticky notes in one place and avoid losing them.

 You will need:



*your sticky notes

*an empty notebook spiral (that you don’t use anymore. Take off all the papers)

* this one is optional but if your notebook looks old and a little bit dirty you can print out some cute pictures or just simple flowers pattern just like I did to cover everything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First measure the cover of your notebook, cut the paper pattern on the same measure and stick it with some glue. Do the same thing for the inside of the notebook.(you can do for the back too).



Next, take your sticky notes and place them the way you want. Once you are happy with it, use your glue to fix everything in place.




2-Cute Paper Clips:

This simple DIY is so cute and make your books/ notebooks cute and fun. It’s basically redecorating your regular paper clips.

You will need:

*some paper clips (you can use the grey ones too)

*some little random things that you loose from a toy, necklace…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is self-explanatory. All you have to do is glue your little decorative things on top of each paper clip, let it dry and you are done.



3-The Pencil Holder:

The last Diy is a pencil holder made from a Pringles box. You can match the pattern paper that you will use as a cover with the one you used to cover the sticky notes folder; to have the same decoration on you desk.

You will need:

*a pringles box

*some cute pattern (choose whatever you like)




Measure the length of your box and cut the same measure of your pattern paper.

Put some glue and stick it. (it’s self-explanatory)


Version 1:


Version 2:

Now you can use this box to put your hair accessories such as bobby pins, hair elastic… Just do the same thing for the box’s plastic cover with the same paper pattern(measure the circular plastic cover) and that’s it. It’s a simple way to avoid the mess gain some space and stop losing your bobby pins   #girlsproblems




If you use the box as a pencil holder, you can use the plastic cover(that you wont use anymore) to put your cup of tea/coffee to avoid the stains on your desk or your bedside table.


TADAA     🙂       🙂


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I really hope you enjoy this post.

Let’s be friends through the comments section as well as my Instagram account.

❤     ❤

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