Favourite Summer Makeup products + My Everyday Look

Hello my friends!

I hope you are all doing well.

It is finally that time of the year when I open my makeup bag and actually try to create some makeup looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I buy it all the time. It’s just that I get so busy with my studies that I don’t even bother thinking about it. Now that I am on holidays and I am a little bit more tanned, I feel more inspired and confident.

In this post, I am sharing with you my current favourite summer makeup products as well as my everyday look. Before getting started, I just wanted to mention that I don’t like to wear any cream products on summer days, that’s why I didn’t include foundation.


Summer is the only season I can fully enjoy a bronzy look. This matte bronzer is from Kiss Beauty, and I love it. Although it has an orange undertone, which normally does not suit me, I really like how it looks on a tanned skin. Another thing I enjoy about this product is its fine texture. It goes very ย smoothly on the skin and it blends easily. It kinda of turns into a cream. Even if the face is a little bit oily, it actually looks melted on the skin; which gives is it a sun kissed glow.

mak 1

โ—Š Using a contour brush, I put the bronzer on my cheekbones, my forehead and just a touch on my nose.

mak 2

“One eyeshadow color” look:

I never knew I had a small eyelid, until the day I decided to recreate an eye look with all its steps (crease, contour…) I mean, I didn’t have any space left! Comment ๐Ÿ˜‰ย if you know what I am talking about. I also got bored with using matte eyeshadows. Currently, I am obsessed with shimmery eyeshadows, specifically the creamy ones. This palette is by Glam’s Makeup Glam & Glow in Gold Addict 313; one of my favourites. Very easy to apply and blend. You can use your fingers or a flat brush.

mak 3

โ—Š Using the sponge applicator, I slightly apply this olive-green color on my eyelid. I don’t go crazy with the color, as I want it to look as natural as possible.

mak 4

โ—Š For a luminous touch, I apply the silver color on my tear ducts, using a pointed sponge applicator or simply my finger.

mak 5


This GoldenRose Instant Full Volume Cat Walk Mascara has been my favourite for a while now. Honestly, Mascara always completes the eye look.

mak 6

Lip products:

  • Lipstick

With a bronzed skin, I prefer a pinkish lipstick. My current favourite is the Giordaniย Gold iconic Matte Lipstick in Pink Touch. The packaging is so beautiful. It also has spf 12, which is perfect for these sunny days.


mak (1)

  • Lip gloss

Probably my favourite makeup item is this clear lip gloss. I wear it with any makeup look and it looks very light and fresh. I know that these types of lip products are not everyone’s favourite, but I absolutely love it. I also put it on top of a nude lipstick to add a little bit of shine. I don’t remember the brand name of this lipgloss, but I am sure you can find a similar one in other drugstore makeup brands.

mak (3)

There you have it. I really hope you enjoyed this post.

You can also find me on Pinterest.

Now it’s your turn: What is your favourite makeup product for this summer?

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